More than a company.

“It’s not just a question of skills, it’s a question of passion, of personal relationships, of solutions and competence to what are first and foremost our needs, our needs and our goals.

Crossing competence with passion, study, research and experimentation with “being cyclists” has created a unique alchemy.”

Erica Marson – General manager

“Anyone who sees me on the track with the TOOT RACING FACTORY TEAM guys knows that I have only one goal. That every athlete get off the bike convinced that he/she has given 100% and that he/she have had the means to express their potential to the fullest. This is why I learned to listen to them, to learn, to question certainties and accept new challenges. The largest? That of realizing them and putting them within the reach of every enthusiast of any level. Anyone has the right to “feel good” on a bike.”

Romolo Stanco – CEO & Head of ideas

Not only “experts” not only scientific skills and experiences but also the experience of active international level athletes, passionate cyclists attentive to detail who transfer the “human feeling” to numbers and analyzes otherwise devoid of any relationship with what we are: cyclists.

Romolo Stanco. fondatore

Come lavora TOOT

TOOT RACING is the highest representation of research and experimentation in the field of cycling. Certainties are replaced by the athlete, the cyclist around whom every detail is studied and designed without compromise. Production is entrusted to partners of absolute excellence, the selection of suppliers does not follow commercial logic but a single philosophy: to make dreams possible, even on two wheels.

TOOT Engineering Lands

Whether we will meet you in person or virtually, no doubts about the results we can achieve for you and with you. Get in touch to have an answer shaped on your needs.

Il team TOOT Engineering

One of the leading experts on the application of innovative materials and technologies in the cycling world: the research of his BIANCA ADVANCED INNOVATIONS laboratory ranges from biomedical to aerospace, from motorsport to industrial design. Winner of international awards such as the "best bike award" at Nahbs, defined by the press as a "visionary in command" he is known for his desire not to impose choices or solutions but for his ability to explain even the most complex aspects in a simple way, allowing anyone to consciously make their own choice.
Pan-American junior champion, multiple national track champion Facundo Lezica is a professional athlete who has won everywhere: road, track, MTB, any object with two wheels and pedals becomes his "prey" and the study of position and details his obsession . He brought Argentina back to the track cycling world championships after ten years, working for a year on an innovative position, helping to design new components, transferring his experience to athletes in the frantic search for performance and to enthusiasts.


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