At Pavia University - Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture - Computational Mechanics and Advanced Materials the TOOT RACING team directed by dr. Romolo Stanco, the director of COMPMECH Prof Ferdinando Auricchio and the head of the Protolab University of Pavia ing. Gianluca Alaimo and the Team Manager Dr. Erica Marson will presented the Olympic challenge which has already led ideas, technology, innovation and athletes to excel in the world thanks to a revolutionary approach. After the debut at the 2023 UCI Track World Championships of the revolutionary to fully express their potential. Between Paris '24 and Los Angeles '28 a journey continues through innovation, technology, courage and uncompromising performance. An adventure that until now was exclusive to national federations and Olympic committees becomes the new challenge of a team that, as in motorsport, combines cutting-edge design, advanced materials and pioneering experiments to allow athletes to best express their potential and achieve goals top level athletes.

"We design the man's performance, not just performing parts"

"Performance in race is at the heart of everything we do in cycling. With some of the brightest minds in design, technology and engineering we redefine the balance between athlete and bike to achieve the best results in professional competitions with a motorsport approach."

"We take the limit to the next level"

TOOT Racing with the support of BIANCA Advanced Innovations, CompMech and 3dPROTOLAB of Pavia University bring their exceptional engineering, design, technology, simulation and production capabilities to develop the fastest bike and components ever. We work on performance solutions with a transformative innovation approach developing design, materials, processes, additive manufacturing into disruptive solutions. It’s evolution, not just improvement.

"We make the fastest ever parts, and we never stop experimenting".

The internal Factory Development Team tests every technical solution in world class level competitions, pushing all the details beyond the limit. The Olympic federations are part of the development process and the end users of a sustainable, affordable, innovative and gold medal challenger performing project.

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Romolo Stanco after his experiences at the CNR of Lecco, accepts the challenge of creating in Italy a lab that develops products from innovation and research projects.

Romolo Stanco who directs TOOT Engineering works on exclusive manufacturing processes that combine technology and craftsmanship.

Road Bike Action

Knowledge comes from research, tests, relationships with pro–cyclists with deep competences and design abilities in order to create something new.


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