A fascinating and ancient discipline. Years of research and track testing to take the limit one step further.

Designing outside of conventional rules allows to push forward new ideas, experiment with materials and solutions that can then even arrive on road models. Furthermore, the track represents TOOT RACING's DNA because it allows to take every detail of a bike to the limit, make measurements and work on marginal gain.

BERLIN 2024 sixday winner


Aerospace grade AlScaZir® frame

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The design staff led by Romolo Stanco has analyzed some potential for increased performance and worked to improve both the overall efficiency (position, geometry) and the performance of the bike (traction, driveability, stiffness). The material used is an aerospace grade alloy of Aluminum Scandium and Zirconium that T°RED has already used in its track bikes winning on track and for two years in a row of the Best Track Award at NAHBS This aeronautical derivation material allows high mechanical performance, hydro-forming of sections of the tubes, high weldability and possibility of working on shims, stiffeners and sections so as to be able to control the behavior of every centimeter of the frame.

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